Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is Holocaust memorial day (27th January 2023). North East Derbyshire District Council remembers the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution, and in the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

The theme for this year’s HMD is “Ordinary People”. It highlights that it was ordinary people who facilitated the genocides. It was ordinary people who turned a blind eye, believe propaganda and joining murderous regimes.

It was also ordinary people who were persecuted, oppressed and murdered in genocides. They were not persecuted because of crimes they had committed but simply because they were ordinary people

Ordinary people did extraordinary things to become rescuers, risking their lives, their livelihoods and their families to help others.

Ordinary people are also the ones who drive Holocaust Memorial Day, who lead on community commemorations, who support and encourage everyone around them to take part in remembrance and education projects.

You can find more information on the Holocaust Memorial Day website.