Local MPs and Council Leaders urge caution as Covid cases and hospitalisations rise

Leaders and MPs across North East Derbyshire are uniting to urge local residents to be as vigilant as possible as coronavirus cases, and the number of people hospitalised at the Royal, continue to rise in the District.  

All indicators in North East Derbyshire are now pointing to a substantial and quick rise in coronavirus cases in the District.  Whilst not at the level of what is happening in some of the cities, there is a clear increase in the number of people getting coronavirus and becoming ill.   

This all comes in a week when the Government has announced a new framework for dealing with coronavirus in areas where the virus is high, including the potential for additional restrictions.  Whilst no decisions have yet been taken on raising the tier level of North East Derbyshire, the high rate has meant that discussions have started about how to bring cases down in the District, which may include additional restrictions.  

Councillor Alex Dale, Leader of North East Derbyshire District Council, said: “We must make sure we are as vigilant as possible as the infection rate in our district has risen quickly in the last week.  There is real concern about this sudden rise in cases.  I would urge all of our residents to take extra care where they can and to heed the Government’s hands, face, space message and to wash their hands regularly.”  

Councillor Barry Lewis, Leader of Derbyshire County Council, said: “We all need to be extra careful as the recent trend in infection is not going in the right direction.  Although many of us are at low risk from the virus, we all need to collectively play our part to suppress it so that we can protect the most vulnerable in our communities.”   

Mark Fletcher, Member of Parliament for Bolsover, said: “Over the past few months we have seen the tremendous community spirit that underpins every town and village in North East Derbyshire.  We need to bring that spirit to the fore again; to respect one another, keep our distance and to limit wherever possible our interactions with one another.  This virus is causing devastation, but we can all help to play our part in limiting its spread.”  

Lee Rowley, Member of Parliament for North East Derbyshire, said: “Over recent months, I’ve held regular conversations with residents and promised to be upfront when there was a problem.  That time is now: we do have a real and growing issue – and we need to get it down.  Whatever local residents can do to minimise the risk of transmission will be vital in getting on top of the issue in the coming days and weeks.”