New play equipment coming to Dronfield park

The play area at Thirlmere Drive, Dronfield is currently being refurbished with lots of new equipment being installed for some festive fun for the little ones!


Work is due to finish in January 2023 (subject to no delays) and will see the following installed:

  • Home Seesaw (multi-seesaw) (age group 3+)
  • Two tower with bridge with two slides (age group 2+)
  • Tipi Carousel (age group 4+)
  • Balancing beam and four stepping pods (trim trail) (age group 3+ for pods, 4+ for beam)
  • Swings with 2 No. Cradle seats, 2 No. Flat Seats and 1 No. Shell Seat (age group 2+)
  • Net Twister (climber) (age group 5+)
  • 2 Springers (Hen and Ladybird) (age group 1+)
  • Argo (age group 6+)

The new play equipment offers a greater play value for children and the range of equipment will allow more children to use the play area at the same time (than previously), allowing social play, imaginative play, physical challenges, and includes inclusive equipment. 

The multi-see saw will have a support at one end and has a the centre platform for sitting or lying on by more experienced participants, allowing for users with disabilities. 

The Tipi Carousel spins when pushed or pulled, children can lie, sit or stand with the support or the top or side bars, and is accessible for children with mobility disabilities.

(Please note the image is for illustrative purposes ony and not the exact equipment being installed)