NHS capacity in Derbyshire

The directors of public health in Derby and Derbyshire issue a plea to the public to follow regulations as the NHS deals with busiest period so far during the pandemic.

Derbyshire Local Resilience Forum (LRF), which brings together councils, emergency services and health organisations to tackle the pandemic have seen a significant increase on the pressure placed on our NHS following a steep rise in Covid-19 cases in the area.

During the last month the number of patients in hospital with confirmed Covid-19 increased by 67% and this continues to rise on a daily basis.

Dean Wallace, Director of Public Health, Derbyshire County Council said: “The reality is that every contact that people have with those outside their household or bubble creates a risk of passing on the virus. One in three people who have the virus show no symptoms, so it is easy to transmit it to others without knowing, and a vulnerable person could be part of every chain.

“There are huge pressures on the NHS in Derbyshire and across the country. Locally, nearly 25% of hospital beds are occupied by people with Covid 19. We all have a part to play in making sure that our hospitals can continue to provide the cancer treatment, elective surgery and other support that we need. Please observe the lockdown, reduce your contact with others, get the vaccine when you are contacted for an appointment and use the community testing facilities when they are available in your area.”


Dr Robyn Dewis, Director of Public Health, Derby City Council, added:

“The rapid rise in COVID cases means that we are at a crucial tipping point locally and nationally, and our NHS is facing extreme pressure.

“Following lockdown regulations is more essential now than ever, as we are facing the most difficult period of the pandemic so far. We must stay at home unless it is for essential reasons, and if we leave our homes we must keep our distance, regularly wash our hands and wear a face covering we can. We should also isolate and apply for a test if we have COVID symptoms, and be vaccinated as soon as we are offered an appointment.

“These individual actions may seem small, but they make a huge difference in ensuring our local health service has the capacity it needs and in keeping ourselves and loved ones safer.”   


The LRF would like to issue the following advice:

  • Do not visit A&E if it’s not an emergency, call NHS 111 or visit one of Derbyshire’s five urgent treatment centres.
  • Adhere to the lockdown regulations and following the hands, face, space guidance, this is crucial to reducing the spread of the virus and the pressure on hospitals.
  • Have a vaccine as soon as one if offered, this is also crucial to helping reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Following vaccination it is essential to still follow the Government guidance.

For further information regarding the Government guidance please refer to their website www.gov.uk