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North East Derbyshire District Council appoints Civic Chaplain

At the Annual Council meeting, North East Derbyshire District Council appointed Reverend Nick Green of St. John’s Church, Walton as their new Civic Chaplain.

The traditional role of the Civic Chaplain is to offer spiritual, pastoral, moral support and guidance to the Council Chair, Councillors and employees of North East Derbyshire District Council. 

In resurrecting the role, the intention is to ask the Chaplain to assist at times of celebration, mourning and local or national reflection. 

North East Derbyshire District Council Chairman, Councillor Martin Thacker said, “Reverend Green continues to provide wonderful support in the community for people of all faiths and those with none.  His words are thought provoking and heartfelt.” 

“He will be someone to turn to when seeking help and care.  I am delighted he has agreed to accept this honorary role for the next twelve months."