North East Derbyshire Local Plan Examination - Update

Following the delay to the Local Plan Examination during the Covid-19 emergency, and in light of new Government planning guidance, the Planning Inspector has given advance notice that the Local Plan Examination should continue to the next consultations. 

The first step will be a focused consultation for three weeks from the 2ndJune 2020 to update the housing land supply data. This technical consultation on the Council’s monitoring information will target those involved in the hearing session on Main Matter 11 through the website, social media and by email.  

There will then be a wider public consultation on the Main Modifications to the Plan, which will allow communities and residents to have their say on the removal of three large previously allocated Green Belt sites. The Inspector and Council are working on how to run this to make sure no one is excluded. Dates for this main consultation and how it will work will be announced on the Council’s website in advance once arranged. 

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Charlotte Cupit, said, “As set out earlier this year before the Covid-19 emergency, there is a need to continue with the Examination of the draft Local Plan to provide planning clarity and stop the risk of speculative and accumulating developments. 

“However, we recognise the difficulties posed by Covid-19 with public engagement as we knew it. So, we’re working to make sure all residents and communities can have their say on the draft Local Plan and the changes proposed by the Inspector so far as part of the Main Modifications consultation. We’ll make sure this is accessible and we’ll make particular provision for those who don’t have internet access, are shielding or self-isolating. 

“This main consultation will not start until July at the earliest and we will publish further updates on how you can comment and important dates in advance on the Council’s website and in the Examination updates.”