Relief for residents as council works with Derbyshire Constabulary to obtain closure order for Arcam House

The premises Arcam House is a former public house on Draycott Road, North Wingfield. Residents in the area were subjected to anti-social behaviour from tenants from the four flats in the main building and two flats from the converted outbuilding.

The Council responded quickly to complaints from residents regarding the aggressive behaviour, witnessing drug misuse and threatening language used by the tenants and served a number of Community Protection Warnings, Notices and a Fixed Penalty Notice.

The property, managed by landlord My Space Housing solutions, was found to be in severe disrepair when the Council officers entered the premises and showed the landlord had failed to deliver on the residents’ concerns and had not issued warnings to the tenants as had been agreed with the Council.

The Court was critical of My Space Housing Solutions, noting a lack of ownership by them. The Magistrates were of the view that an organisation such as My Space should not have permitted for such behaviour to continue and escalate, resulting in a significant waste of public money. The Court accepted the evidence put before it by the Crown Prosecution Service and made a closure order on the property.

Councillor Martin Thacker Leader of the Council said: “Council Officers, with partner agencies, have worked tirelessly to obtain the correct outcome for our residents on this case.

We have fought to ensure this behaviour from landlords and tenants will not be tolerated in our district. As such, we have served a Community Protection Warning upon My Space Housing Solutions to make sure any further issues are resolved effectively, and residents do not have to encounter such issues in the future.”

This successful outcome through close partnership working should mean tenancies will be ended within the next three months enabling the property to be secured before My Space begin renovation work to restore fixtures and fittings within the property and making good the area, which the Court invited them to do.