Renovation company owner pays £300 Fixed Penalty Notice for failing to retain waste transfer notes.

The owner of a company based in Hull has paid a £300 fixed penalty notice for failing to retain waste transfer notes.

The waste was found fly tipped in Ault Hucknall in Bolsover District in September 2022. Enforcement Officers from our Environmental Health service investigated evidence in the waste and traced it to a domestic property in Grassmoor that had recently had been renovated.

The renovation company admitted they had arranged for waste to be removed from the property. The owner of the company was served with a notice to produce the documentation which is legally required to be retained for up to two years, and produced on request. They failed to comply and the Officer issued the £300 fixed penalty notice which has been paid to avoid prosecution in Court.

A waste transfer note (WTN) is a legally required document which must be completed for the transfer of waste to another party. They provide a clear auditable paper trail from when the waste is produced to when it is disposed of and can help to evidence that a business has met its statutory duty of care.

North East Derbyshire District Council Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Charlotte Cupit said, “We have a zero tolerance approach to fly tipping, and we will continue to take full action against those involved where possible. We encourage residents to remain vigilant and report anyone they see fly tipping to us.

 “Our Environmental Health and Enforcement team are ready to take action where necessary to reduce fly tipping in our district.”

If you have excess waste, consider our bulky waste collection service or use a properly licensed waste collector.

You can report instances of fly-tipping via the council’s website.