Rogue resident removed from streets of Renishaw in successful prosecution

On 21 November 2019 Ricky Whitehead, of Renishaw, was given a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order after damning, conclusive evidence was given in court detailing how he had terrorised residents of Renishaw village.

The Council’s Community Safety team worked in partnership with the Derbyshire Constabulary over many years to help the stricken residents of Renishaw, and gather enough evidence to secure the fantastic result in court.

Whitehead, of Renishaw was given a five year CBO for intimidating residents, drug misuse, causing criminal damage and threatening and engaging in violent acts in the local area.

Due to the severity of the offences, further including domestic violence and anti-social behaviour, eight conditions were attached to the order served on Whitehead, including an exclusion zone in a large area of Renishaw, providing protection for the residents for the Derbyshire village.

It took years of hard work between the constabulary and local authority to ensure the correct result was obtained, and the severity of the criminal activity was evidenced properly in court. This evidence proved crucial in court as the judge ordered a five year CBO against the wishes of the defence, who had issued pleas for just a two year CBO.

Councillor Martin Thacker, Leader of the Council said, “Our Community Safety team and partner agencies, worked tirelessly to pursue this individual to bring him to justice. Rest assured, we will not tolerate this behaviour in our communities and we will continue to work with residents to make sure their streets are safe and perpetrators are rightfully brought to justice.

We are proud of our great working relationship with the local constabulary and have worked tirelessly to obtain the correct outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring as much evidence was gathered as possible to highlight these awful crimes this man had committed. Our residents deserve to feel safe in the villages they live and can now, thankfully, do so”.

Mr Whitehead was released from prison on 26 November after serving a sentence for assaulting his former Probation Officer, and upon his release the CBO and conditions applied. The Police and North East Derbyshire District Council will be leafletting in the area of Renishaw with a list of the prohibitions. If any residents witness breaches of these they can call 101 with any information they have.

28 November 2019