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Visitor Economy Strategy launched

The North East Derbyshire Visitor Economy Strategy 2021-24 (.pdf | 4mb) sets out how the Council will work with its partners to support and grow businesses within the visitor economy.

It will also promote the district, and its accommodation and attractions, as a place to visit and stay.

The vision for the strategy is:

Growing and developing our status not only as a destination in itself with all the attractions the district has to offer, but also as a place with easy access to a wide range of other attractions and experiences. We are in the enviable position of being able to act as an easy access gateway to both city and countryside. With the stunning rural landscape of the Peak District National Park on one side and the bustling entertainment rich city of Sheffield on the other, visitors can enjoy the best of both worlds.

To support this vision, the document sets out several priority areas that the Council wishes to focus on.  These are:

  • Promote the district to potential visitors to encourage both day trippers and overnight stays.
  • Create a year round visitor economy in the district.
  • Improve the skills of both business owners and their employees within the sector.
  • Develop the visitor offer and experiences within the district, to ensure that the amount, quality and variety of both attractions and accommodation is increased.
  • Develop and promote both the cultural and natural heritage of the area, including walking and cycling routes.

This strategy means that the Council recognises that the visitor economy is a vital element of the local economy.  The Council and its partners will therefore work to ensure that businesses are supported and assisted to grow, leading to more jobs within the district in the sector, as well as to potentially a wider range of high quality attractions and accommodation within the district.