Potential Gypsy and Traveller site in Wingerworth no longer considered a suitable site

North East Derbyshire District Council has agreed that a potential Gypsy and Traveller site in Wingerworth - Greenway site (Hunloke Estate) - is no longer suitable for consideration in the current consultation due to highway issues.

We agreed that the Greenway site (Hunloke Estate) in Wingerworth is no longer suitable as planned works to the highway on a nearby housing development mean access to the site would not be possible.

The Inspector appointed to the Council by the Government has advised that she will continue to invite comments on the site until the close of the consultation period and the site will be included for discussion at the hearing sessions to be held between 13 and 15 March 2019.

Owned by North East Derbyshire District Council, the site was initially included in the consultation after discussions with Derbyshire County Council about potential Gypsy and Traveller sites. But since work on the Hanging Banks housing development has started the highway alignment works on this site means access to the proposed Gypsy and Traveller site is now not possible.

Councillor Michael Gordon, Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Environment said, “The site is opposite the Hanging Banks housing development and after we, as landowner were informed of this new information, we consulted with the highway authority and agreed that the site was no longer viable and have agreed the site should no longer be considered.

“We continually look at these sites and although it is unusual to change or amend material in current consultations, it’s not unusual for sites to fall out of consideration. So, in light of the new information we felt it would be in the best interests of the District and the Council to clarify that the site is no longer suitable.”