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Winter Burglary Information

Winter Burglary Information

Now that the darker nights are with us, we would like to encourage NED residents to think about home security during the late afternoon and evenings.

Although our area continues to be a safe place to live, most burglaries are carried out by a thief who might use the darker evenings to check which homes are empty, have valuables on display or searching for any security lapses.

By taking some simple steps you can reduce this from happening:

  • Keep windows and doors locked and secure at all times, whether you are in or out of your home.
  • Keep valuables out of sight and out of reach of cap flaps, letterboxes, downstairs doors and windows.
  • Leave your car keys in a secure place and not on a key hook or near the door.
  • Use outdoor security lighting.
  • Make your home look occupied when you are out – Drawing the curtains or closing blinds, preventing people from looking into your home, can also help make a difference, leave a lamp on timer to come on whilst you are out or leave a radio playing.
  • If it will be dark before you get home, set your lights on timers. Change the times that the lights come on, and in different rooms,  to simulate an occupied home.
  • Consider fitting a burglar alarm - make sure it is installed properly by a reputable firm and is working. Also remember to set it before you leave home.
  • A thorny hedge along the boundary of your property may put thieves off, as may a gravel path, as it’s noisy to walk on.
  • Keep gates, garages, sheds or outbuildings secure and ensure no tools are left outside.
  • Make sure your house is visible from the street - keep shrubbery and hedges at the front of the house pruned to below one metre to remove any cover for a burglar to work unseen and give your neighbours every chance to spot something suspicious.
  • Be careful when opening the door to unexpected visitors - prior to opening the door use a spy hole, window or a Ring doorbell to see who is visiting and use a chain on the door. Never let anyone in your house unless it is someone you know and trust – if unsure check their identification details by phoning the genuine telephone number from a company website or search engine, do not use a telephone number on a given ID card. Do not be tempted to deal with businesses who call at your door, Derbyshire County Council hold lists of trusted and approved traders.
  • Never leave a spare key outside of your house – burglars know the usual hiding spots. 
  • Get home safe - make sure you're getting in a licenced taxi. 

We encourage people to be a good neighbour and to contact the police if you see anyone acting suspiciously in your area on the below contact methods.

For further burglary prevention advice, please speak to your Community Safety Partnership or local Police Safer neighbourhood Team.