Inspector's Report (New)

The Council has received the Inspector’s final report following her examination of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan (2014 – 2034).

The report concludes that the North East Derbyshire Local Plan provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the North East Derbyshire District provided that a number of main modifications are made to it.

The report is supplemented by an appendix with sets out the final schedule of Main Modifications that are required to make the Plan sound and legally compliant. These documents are available to download below or to view at the Council Offices on Mill Lane. They will also be available to view at libraries across the district from 5th August 2021.

The receipt of the Inspector’s Report marks the end of the Examination process and the involvement of the Planning Inspector. The Council must now consider the Inspector’s findings and her reasoning before it can confirm the next steps.

Further information will be added to the website in due course. In the meantime, we will be writing to all those who made representations to the Plan to inform them that the Inspector’s Report has been published and where it can be viewed.