Local Plan 2001-2011

 The North East Derbyshire Local Plan 2001 – 2011:

  • Identifies specific sites for housing, employment and retail development up to 2011.
  • Identifies sites and areas for other land uses, including recreation, allotments, urban green spaces, community facilities, wildlife sites, cycle routes and trails.
  • Defines the limits of settlements within which development will generally be permitted.
  • Sets out policies to control and influence the location and form of development within the District.

The North East Derbyshire District Local Plan was formally adopted on 28th November 2005. Under the provisions of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 the Local Development Framework system was introduced and policies in the Local Plan were subject to a saving direction (.pdf | 1.3mb) for a period of 3 years after adoption.

The Adopted Local Plan, including the text and maps, can be viewed at our offices during usual opening hours, or downloaded below.

A PDF version of the Adopted Local Plan is available to download (.pdf | 2.7mb) and associated maps:

You can buy hard copies of the Local Plan from us. Price £35.00 plus £10.50 postage and packaging.