Previous Stages

Publication Draft Plan, February 2018

Consultation on the Publication Draft Plan and supporting evidence took place between 21 February and 4 April 2018. Separate consultation periods applied to three further evidence base documents which were not available in time to be published alongside the main Local Plan:

  • Green Belt Topic Paper & Duty to Co-operate Draft Statement of Compliance - consultation took place between 22 March and 3 May 2018.
  • Habitats Regulation Appropriate Assessment – consultation took place between 6 April and 18 May 2018.

Consultation Draft Local Plan, February 2017

The Council published the “North East Derbyshire Local Plan: Consultation Draft” for public consultation between 24th February and 7th April 2017. View the online Consultation Draft Local Plan and representations received.

Position Statement

The Council published a ‘Position Statement (.pdf | 3.2mb)’ in November 2016 to provide information about progress with the preparation of the new Local Plan. The statement explains why we were preparing a new Local Plan, how the Plan was evolving in Autumn 2016, and what the next steps would be. It was not a document for public consultation, but for information provision only.

Initial Draft Local Plan (Part 1) 2015

We consulted on the initial draft of the Local Plan (Part 1) and Schedule of Potential Housing Sites between 12 February and 26 March 2015.

Local Strategy Consultation 2012

Consultation on the Local Strategy took place between 2 August and 13 September 2012 and sought comments about the overall development issues and aims, how much new development there should be and where, and whether Green Belt land should be used to provide local affordable housing.

Core Strategy Issues and Options Consultation 2009

Previously, we worked on the preparation of the Core Strategy. However, due to changes in the planning system, the Council moved to the preparation of a Local Plan. The work already done on the Core Strategy was taken into account when preparing the Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies.

Consultation on the Core Strategy Issues and Options took place between 30th April and 26th June 2009.