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Authority Monitoring Report

Local authorities are required by the Localism Act (2011) to prepare an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) on a regular basis.

Authorities can choose which targets and indicators to include in the report as long as they are in line with the relevant legislation.

The objective of the AMR is to:

  • Report on the Council’s progress towards meeting key targets and indicators (including housing delivery, affordable housing, employment and neighbourhood plans).
  • Report on the Council’s progress in producing the Local Plan against the Local Development Scheme.
  • Report on the Council’s progress in relation to the ‘Duty to Co-operate’ with other councils, bodies and organisations.

The most up-to-date Authority Monitoring Report 19, which covers the period 2022 – 2023, can currently be found appended to the 23 November 2023 Cabinet Report. (Please note this is not an accessible document, but we are working to make it accessible and will publish an accessible version of the AMR 19 as and when available)