The Ashover Neighbourhood Plan has been written by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, approved by the Parish Council and passed a local referendum with 92.7% voting in favour of the Plan. It includes a number of policies on housing, employment, the environment and community facilities. North East Derbyshire District Council formally ‘made’ the Plan on 26 February 2018 and it is being used to assess planning applications submitted within the Parish.

Modifications to the Made Ashover Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – 2033 were prepared by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and approved by the Parish Council. The proposed modification involves the amendment of the boundary of one of the approved Local Green Spaces. Namely, site Number 9 ‘two small areas of Land off Alton Hill, Alton’. The proposal is to remove the area on the east side of Quarry Lane, the other small triangular area on the west side is to remain.

The Modifications to the Plan were submitted to the Council, and were consulted on for six weeks from Thursday 10th November to Wednesday 21st December 2022.

The Plan is now subject to Examination.

The examiner appointed to inspect and produce a report on the Plan is Timothy Jones.

Once the examination is complete, depending on the Examiner’s conclusions, North East Derbyshire District Council will decide whether the Plan may go forward to Public Referendum in the Parish.

Further information: Ashover neighbourhood Plan website.