British Sign Language Interpreter Service

We are delighted to enable British Sign Language users to contact us using a British Sign Language video interpreter, via the InterpretersLive! service, provided by Sign Solutions.

What is 'InterpretersLive!'?

InterpretersLive! is a video interpreting service provided by Sign Solutions.

The service is available on-demand, 7 days a week, between 08:00 and 00:00, via the StarLeaf app.

You can also pre-book BSL Video Interpreters and other types of remote communication support for anytime and anywhere via any video platform;

How to download the Interpreters Live App

how to download interpreters live

How can I access the InterpretersLive! service?

If you are using a phone or a tablet, you need to download the StarLeaf app. Once you are in;

  1. Click on the phone icon
  2. Enter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Click ‘make a video call’

An interpreter will then answer and connect your call.

If you are using a desktop, you can connect to a BSL video interpreter.

If you are using the service to make a card payment, please download the app as you will be able to use the interactive keypad within the app to complete your payment securely.

What types of interpreting are available via InterpretersLive?

NRCPD British Sign Language Interpreters are available on-demand, and they can be pre-booked too.

You can pre-book:

  • Lipspeakers
  • Speech to Text reporters
  • Relay Interpreters
  • Makaton

What are the two types of video interpreting? VRS and VRI?

VRS Video Relay service is when the people that want to communicate are all located separately from each other. The British Sign Language user and the Interpreter communicate over a secure video call, and the interpreter relays everything that is signed to the hearing person, the conversation relays back and forth from BSL to English and English to BSL.

VRI Video Remote Interpreting is when the Deaf and hearing parties are together, and to communicate they dial a video interpreter via a computer, tablet or phone. The video interpreter translates between the parties in real-time.

Is it free to use InterpretersLive!?

InterpretersLive! is free to use when you visit any participating organisations, trusts, councils and stores.

Are the video interpreters NRCPD registered?

All the video interpreters are qualified and NRCPD registered.

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