Petitions and Community Governance Reviews


North East Derbyshire District Council has adopted a Petition Scheme (.pdf | 221kb) which sets out how the Council will respond to petitions that fall within the scope of the scheme.

For more information on Petitions, please contact the Governance Manager on 01246 217753, or email the Monitoring Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Governance Reviews

The Council can undertake a review for example, to establish a new parish council, or to revise parish boundaries where there have been significant changes in population, or to react to a specific new or local issue.

Community Governance Reviews may also be triggered by local people presenting a petition to the Council. For a petition to be valid it must meet specified criteria which includes:

  • It should define the area to which the review relates on a map or otherwise and refer to identifiable fixed boundaries;
  • It must specify one or more proposed recommendations for review;
  • It must contain the requisite number of signatures of people included on the electoral register for the affected area. For an area of less than 500 local electors - 50%, for an area with between 500 and 2,500 local electors - at least 250, for an area with more than 2,500 electors - at least 10%.

Whenever a Community Governance Review is undertaken, we will publish the Terms of Reference and carry out public consultation before putting forward recommendations for Council to approve a Community Governance Order. The process should normally take no more than 12 months to conclude, however any boundary changes will not come into effect until the next election has taken place for the affected parish(es).