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Self Employed

If you are self employed, and on a low income, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit.

In order for us to determine if you are eligible, we will need to look at your net weekly income from your self employed earnings and any other income and capital that you may have.

Supporting Documentation

In order to support your application for Housing Benefit we request that you provide your last six months income and expenditure accounts for your business. These do not have to be audited by a professional accountant but should show all of your weekly / monthly income and expenses.

If you have only just become self employed, we will require a 13-week forecast of your projected earnings and expenditure. We will then review your claim after this period to ensure that the income we are using for you is correct and that you are receiving the right amount of benefit.

If you have not kept records of your self employed accounts you should complete a 'Self Employed' proforma and provide this in support of your application for benefit. However, it is advised that for future purposes that you keep weekly / monthly records of your income and expenditure as this will be required to assess any future benefit entitlement. You may also be required to provide these in support of your Income Tax returns.