Anti Social Behaviour

What is classed as Anti Social Behaviour (ABS)?

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) covers many types of actions from low-level persistent nuisance to serious public disturbance. It covers the following:

  • behaviour that can cause nuisance and annoyance
  • behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress
  • behaviour which creates significant and persistent problems in neighbourhoods
  • behaviour which leaves communities feeling intimidated and afraid

Anti social behaviour includes a range of problems:

  • noisy neighbours
  • abandoned cars
  • vandalism
  • graffiti
  • litter
  • youth nuisance

Together with the Community Safety Partnership, we recognise that the behaviour of a persistent minority can ruin the lives of individuals and damage whole communities. It can hold back the regeneration of our most disadvantaged areas, creating the environment in which crime can take hold.

Report Anti Social Behaviour

If you are experiencing anti social behaviour and this is being caused by someone in your neighbourhood, please report this to us via our online self service forms, or in the case of an emergency contact the Police on 999.

More Information

Other information on anti social behaviour can be obtained from the following organisations' websites: