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Nuisance Vehicles

It is illegal to sell two or more vehicles on the road within 500 metres of each other as part of a business. These are considered to be nuisance vehicles.

Garages and businesses cause a nuisance to local residents by placing cars for sale on a street or in lay-bys. This can also take up valuable parking spaces required for local residents.

Nuisance vehicles can also include two or more vehicles belonging to the same registered keeper, parked on a street (within 500m of each other) in order to be repaired by a garage or other business. This can cause a nuisance, look unsightly, damage the environment (leaking oil) and also be a danger to passers-by.

You can report nuisance vehicles to us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us on 01246 231111

What can be done?

Environmental Health enforcement officers will issue a £100 fixed penalty notice where this behaviour is witnessed.

The police will also check to ensure a vehicle advertised for sale has all the legal documentation (such as insurance) to be kept on the public highway. If not, they may seize the vehicle as well.