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Leisure Centre Access Policy for Carers

Who does this policy affect?

North East Derbyshire District Council aims to make an active lifestyle accessible to as many people as possible. We therefore welcome people who need the support of carers and will do our best to make your visit an easy and enjoyable one.

Who is a carer?

A carer is anyone who cares for an individual in either a paid or unpaid capacity. This includes a family member or friend who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction would be unable to use the centre on their own without support. An individual may also require a carer if they are frail or receiving palliative care and would not be able to use the centre without direct support.

How do I bring a carer?

If you require the support of carers whilst using our facilities, we would ask you to make reception staff aware so that we can provide access. The carer(s) can change as necessary from visit to visit but will be required to accompany you at reception and throughout the duration of your visit. If you require more than one carer, please make this clear at reception as you may be asked to confirm why additional support is needed. This also enables the centre to verify who is with you and permit them access.

Will my carer have to pay?

Carer(s) that need to accompany you to the changing rooms, swimming pool, fitness gym and other activities (where numbers are not limited) will be allowed free access.

There are however some conditions of use:

  • While carer(s) will be allowed to access the facilities with you free of charge, they must at all times be in a caring role that is providing support and assistance.
  • It is not acceptable for carers to be using facilities independently and if this is the case, that person will not be allowed access as a carer and will be expected to pay in full.
  • In the case of using fitness equipment, if your carer is actively participating for their own benefit, over and above your support needs, they will need to have completed an induction and will be expected to pay to use the gym.

Opening Times

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