Taxis and Private Hire

The Council is responsible for the licensing and regulation of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles, Driver’s and Operator’s within the district of North East Derbyshire.

News and Updates

Policy Update

In 2022 the Council reviewed its policies to bring them in line with the new Statutory taxi and private hire vehicle standards. Following a lengthy public consultation the updated policies were approved by the Council and are due to be implemented in 2023.

CCTV Policy and Supplier Update

Following feedback from the trade the Council has undertaken a minor review of the Taxi Licensing Policy - Hackney Carriages & Private Hire Vehicles (CCTV Supplement) and has undertaken a further procurement exercise in an aim to identify additional suppliers.

This review has now been completed and additional suppliers have been identified.

The revised Policy together with our updated list of suppliers can be found on the Mandatory CCTV in Taxi's and Private Hire Vehicles section of our website.

CCTV Appointment Availability

While every effort is being made to ensure we have enough CCTV fitting slots available for everyone, there is a higher demand than anticipated at the moment.

If you are not able to book your vehicle in for CCTV to be fitted before your licensing test date at the depot, we will be happy to allow you to re-licence your vehicle (as long as it passes the other testing requirements), as long as you can show the depot a booking reference for CCTV to be fitted before the end of April. If your CCTV fitting does not go ahead as planned the vehicle licence will be suspended.

You must take the CCTV Booking reference with you or you will not be licenced.

Now additional suppliers have been identified we expect that any congestion should be resolved by the end of April. We will keep this under review.

Who needs a licence?

Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle Driver’s

Any person who wishes to drive a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle will be required to hold a Driver’s licence with the Council.


Hackney Carriage (commonly referred to as a Taxi)

Any vehicle to be used for picking passengers up by way of plying for hire or being ‘flagged down’ must be licensed as a Hackney Carriage. A Hackney Carriage can also be used to carry out pre-booked journeys.

Private Hire Vehicle

Any vehicle to be used for picking up passengers by advance bookings only must be licensed as a Private Hire Vehicle. A Private Hire Vehicle can only accept advance bookings that have been booked through a Private Hire Operator and cannot be used to ply for hire.

Private Hire Operator’s

Any person or company who wishes to take advance bookings to carry passengers for hire or reward must be licensed as a Private Hire Operator.

Taxi Licensing Policy

The Council has developed a set of policy documents which outline the Council’s procedures and the standards the trade are expected to meet. These policies are intended to act as a guide to applicants, licence holders and decision makers when carrying out their duties. The Policy has been split into five sections for ease of reference:

Mandatory CCTV in Taxi's and Private Hire Vehicles

Following a detailed public and industry consultation, in October 2021, the Council amended its Taxi Licensing Policies and made it mandatory that all licensed vehicles have an approved CCTV system installed. From November 2022 any vehicle presented to the Council for licensing will need to have an approved CCTV system installed before a licence will be granted or renewed.

Following the approval of this policy in October 2021 a minor review was conducted and in January 2023 amendments were made to the policy. The current version of the policy can be found here: Taxi Licensing Policy - Vehicles (CCTV) (.pdf | 1.4mb).

A list of the Council’s approved suppliers can be found here: List of Approved CCTV Suppliers (.pdf | 224kb)

Further information and answers to some common questions can be found here: CCTV in Taxis Frequently Asked Questions document (.pdf | 540kb).

Existing licence holders are being contacted to advise them how to book a CCTV installation. Vehicles presented for a taxi and private hire test at our depot will have to have CCTV installed before attending or they will not be licensed.

Licence holders should not install other non-Council approved systems as these may not be complaint with the new policy.

Apply for a Vehicle, Driver, or Operator Licence


To find out how much it will cost to apply for a licence please see our Taxi Licensing Fees 2019 (.pdf | 343kb).

New Applicant Information Pack

If you are interested in obtaining a licence with the Council, you can find further information in our Taxi Information Pack (.pdf | 2.6mb). If you require an accessible version please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Book a Knowledge Test

If you would like to book a Knowledge Test please fill in our Driver Knowledge Test Booking Form via our online application forms.

Apply Online

To apply for a Driver, Vehicle or Operator licence please use our online application forms.  Please note, applications can only be made online and must be accompanied by the relevant fee and accompanying documentation. 


The Licensing Team will endeavour to send you a renewal reminder by email before your licence is due to expire. If you think you have not received your renewal reminder please contact the Licensing Team as soon as possible.

To apply to renew your Driver, Vehicle or Operator licence please use our online application forms.  Please note, applications can only be made online and must be accompanied by the relevant fee and accompanying documentation. 

National Register of Refusals and Revocations

In line with the Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Act 2022 the Council is required to make checks and record information on the National Anti-Fraud Network Database. This database contains details of any Driver where a licence has been refused or revoked by this or any other local authority.

If you are applying for a Driver’s licence your details will be checked against this database and the results will be used when determining your application.

If you have a Driver’s licence refused or revoked by this authority your details will be placed on the database and the information will be shared with any other licensing authority who you hold a Driver’s licence with.

Tax Conditionality Checks

In some circumstances the Council is required to carry out a Tax Conditionality Check prior to your Driver or Operator application being considered. To find out if you will be required to complete a Tax Conditionality Check and for details about how to complete a check visit our dedicated Tax Conditionality Checks page.

Register of Private Hire Operator’s

For details of Private Hire Operator’s registered with North East Derbyshire District Council please see our Register of Private Hire Operator’s.

  • 4WAYS - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000005685.  Contact number: 01142 474455.
  • A Line (Chesterfield) Ltd - Private Hire Operation Number: 7/01226/TXOP. 
  • A1 - Private Hire Operation Number: 22/01827/TXOP. Contact number: 01142 888 888. A1 Website.
  • ADCL - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000005930.
  • Airlux Travel - Private Hire Operation Number: 18/00688/TXOP. Contact numbers: 01773 875111 / 07763489682.
  • Bob Parry Airport Services - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000002941. Contact Number: 07989596105.
  • Bradley Private Hire - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000003015. Contact Number: 07725139737Facebook page.
  • Carr's Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: 15/02111/TXOP. Contact Number: 07484642946.
  • CCH Executive Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: 18/01889/TXOP. 
  • Central Cars Chesterfield Ltd - Private Hire Operation Number: 19/00312/TXOP. 
  • Chauffeur Class Service - Private Hire Operation Number: 16/00361/TXOP. Contact Number: 07740486740.
  • City Taxis - Private Hire Operation Number: 16/00555/TXOP. Contact Number: 01246 222222. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Dave's Private Hire - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000005470.
  • Dean's Private Hire - Private Hire Operation Number: 19/00432/TXOP.
  • Direct Travel (Higham) Ltd - Private Hire Operation Number: 16/00427/TXOP. Contact Number: 07935265415.
  • Door2Door Taxis Ltd. - Private Hire Operation Number: 19/01396/TXOP. Contact Number: 01246 250255. Door2Door Taxi Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Dronfield Private Hire - Private Hire Operation Number: 20/00134/TXOP. 
  • Easy Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: 19/00157/TXOP. Contact Number: 07794289111.
  • EcoExecutive Travel Ltd - Private Hire Operation Number: 22/00040/TXOP: Contact Number: 01246 855399.
  • Excel/Union Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: 16/00306/TXOP. Contact Number: 01142 440440. Excel Taxis Facebook.
  • Geoff's Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: 16/00802/TXOP.
  • Last Minute - Private Hire Operation Number: 22/01438/TXOP. Contact Number: 07801 360448.
  • Marriott Motors Limited - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000002938. Contact Number: 0795681826701246 769715. Facebook.
  • Mondo Travel - Private Hire Operation Number:19/01235/TXOP. Contact Number: 07714393832.
  • MRP - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000002771. 
  • Prestige Cars Inc Airport Link - Private Hire Operation Number: 22/01395/TXOP. 
  • Raven Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000002904. Contact Number: 01246 434702.
  • Reliable Travel - Private Hire Operation Number: 17/01295/TXOP. Contact Number: 07707904791.
  • Ryde - Private Hire Operation Number: 22/01252/TXOP. Contact Number: 01142 444888. Ryde Website.
  • Shaws Taxis Ltd - Private Hire Operation Number: 21/01067/TXOP. Contact Number: 01246 863840.
  • Sovereign Travel - Private Hire Operation Number: 23/00082/TXOP
  • Stevie Bee Private Hire - Private Hire Operation Number: 23/00082/TXOP.
  • Street Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000002916. Contact Number: 01246 434373.
  • T2C Taxi - Private Hire Operation Number: 22/00580/TXOP. Contact Number: 07579 791599.
  • Tik Cars - Private Hire Operation Number: 20/00721/TXOP.
  • Total Travel UK - Private Hire Operation Number: LN/000004667
  • Twentywell Travel - Private Hire Operation Number: 19/00463/TXOP. Contact Number: 07889 520169

Register of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

For details of wheelchair accessible vehicles registered with North East Derbyshire District Council please see our Register of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

  • Plate number PH085. Registration number: PO56 FOC. Valid from 1 December 2022 until 31 May 2023. The vehicle is a 4 seat Renault Master operated by Shaw's Taxi's Ltd.
  • Plate number PH062. Registration number: BU05 ODE. Valid from 9 February 2023 until 8 August 2023. The vehicle is a 8 seater Ford Transit operated by Shaw's Taxi's Ltd.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles: What are the rules?

Disabled people should be able to travel free from any fear of discriminatory treatment. The Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Disabled Persons) Act came into effect from 28 June 2022 and provided disabled passengers with the reassurance that they will receive appropriate assistance, wherever they travel and without being charged extra. It did this by introducing the rules outlined below.


Private Hire Vehicle Operator’s are required to accept bookings for or on behalf of any disabled person, if they have a suitable vehicle available.


Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Driver’s, regardless of whether their vehicle is wheelchair accessible, are required to:

  • Accept the carriage of any disabled passenger
  • Carry the mobility aids and/or wheelchair of any disabled passenger
  • Provide any disabled passenger with reasonable mobility assistance
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure any disabled passenger is carried safely and in reasonable comfort; and
  • Carry out all of the above without charging any more than they would for a non-disabled passenger.

In addition to the requirements above the Driver of any pre-booked Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle will also be required to:

  • Provide any disabled passenger who requests it with assistance to identify the vehicle; and
  • Do so without making any additional charge.

Hackney Carriage Tariff

For details about how much a Hackney Carriage can charge for journeys within the district of North East Derbyshire please see our Hackney Carriage Tariff (.pdf | 120kb).


Please note, to use this version you will need to download “Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Maker” which is a free app, onto your device. You will then need to import the booklet document into the app to use it correctly. It is the responsibility of the person completing the booklet to save this document in a format where we can view it easily.

Contact Us

To contact the Licensing Section please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01246 231111 and an enquiry will be raised, please note we will respond to your enquiry within 5 working days.