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The preparation of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan 2014 – 2034 was underpinned by a range of evidence studies and documents. These can be viewed and downloaded from the Local Plan Archive.

This webpage gives details of new studies and evidence to be used to inform a future review of the adopted Local Plan.

Derbyshire Spatial Energy Study

The Derbyshire Spatial Energy Study has been produced to help understand current energy usage and future usage scenarios, and the potential opportunities for the delivery of renewable energy technologies across Derbyshire.

Climate Change and Planning Guidance

The Climate Change and Planning Guidance examines current Derbyshire local plan climate change-related policies and considers good practice from across the UK. The Guidance identifies a range of climate-related issues and design matters to be considered in any policies update of Local Plans’.

The Guidance is accompanied by a Climate Change Checklist and Climate Change Metric that can be used to help assess the degree to which proposed development contributes to climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.