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Online Mapping

The online mapping tool shows the District’s Article 4 Directions, Assets of Community Value, Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and Tree Preservation Order Areas and Points (District only), as well as planning applications. It also shows Areas of Multiple Environmental Sensitivity, Brownfield Land Register Sites, and sites which have been assessed as part of the Housing Land Availability Assessment and Employment Land Availability Assessment (LAA). The LAA is a technical process which assesses whether certain sites are available, suitable, and achievable for development. The inclusion of a site on the map below does not mean the site was considered available, suitable or achievable, nor does it give the ‘go ahead' for development or guarantee planning permission if an application comes forward. Please view the Adopted Local Plan layers for sites that are allocated for development.

Slight inconsistencies may appear on a larger scale (i.e. when zoomed in), due to the capturing of some of this geographical data on a different scale or earlier OS base mapping, which can lead to some boundaries not aligning precisely. In addition the colour and pattern of policy layers may differ from the published Local Plan Policies Map due to different software used

View the online map direct.

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