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Support for those at immediate risk of homelessness

If you are homeless now, or are threatened with being made homeless within the next 56 days please contact the Housing Options team for advice as soon as possible:

Homeless referrals (Duty to refer)

The North Derbyshire Homeless Pathway has been introduced for single people from the age of 18 who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. All referrals for single homeless people from the Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire areas will be made via the new single point of access that has been developed in partnership with local services and organisations to offer tailored and connected support for single people.

Support is available for the following:

  • Support to look at housing options
  • Support with basic provisions
  • Benefits advice
  • Support with general health and mental health via specialist nurses
  • Support to access funding for deposits, rent in advance
  • Tenancy support
  • Outreach service to engage clients who struggle to access services
  • Group activities

The pathway strengthens our commitment to support those agencies and organisations with or without a duty to refer people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to local authorities.

Make a referral

To make a referral, please follow the guidance below:

You can get further guidance on the duty to refer by following the link below:

Help might also be available for problems such as harassment and illegal eviction or domestic violence and they can put you in touch with other agencies that offer support and advice.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

We have a Deposit Guarantee Scheme for those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness, to help finance a new rental property:

We have a number of dedicated information leaflets available for people to access. Each leaflet has a range of contact information for support services and agencies that can help you if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Each leaflet also gives advice on how the Council can help you.

If you are worried about paying your rent or mortgage the Derbyshire Law Centre and Shelter can provide advice to help prevent problems getting out of hand.

Rough sleeping

P3 Charity provide the Derbyshire outreach service (DOT). To notify them about someone who is or maybe rough sleeping please Tel: 0808 1968 199 or visit the website where you can make a referral on line. You can also access More information about rough sleeping via the Street Link website

Emergency accommodation in sub-zero temperatures

Under normal circumstances the Council has to assess if a person is deemed to be homeless under set criteria, but this is suspended when temperatures fall below zero for three consecutive nights or during other severe weather situations such as severe heat. Under these conditions something called the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is activated and the Council can offer emergency shelter.

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