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In North East Derbyshire there are 30 designated conservation areas. It is the quality of the architecture, visual character and historic interest of these areas that makes them special and worthy of conservation. In making the assessment of an area, many factors are considered in determining its character and quality including:

  • The historic layout of property boundaries and thoroughfares.
  • The inter-relationship of buildings and spaces.
  • The mix of building and land use.
  • The architectural quality of individual buildings either grand such as town halls, churches and stately houses or vernacular such as workers cottages, water mills and barns.
  • The composition of building groups such as terraces, shops, farm complexes, almshouses or industrial complexes (such as mills).
  • Vistas into, from, through and around the area under consideration.
  • The interaction of the natural and the built environment.
  • The age and social history of the area and its buildings.
  • The use of materials in buildings, boundaries, paths and open areas.

All of our conservation areas and boundaries can be viewed using the Online Mapping tool.