Clay Cross Town Investment Plan

The Government announced that a total of £3.6billion was to be made available to regenerate over 100 towns across England. Clay Cross was selected as one of these towns, and could receive a total of up to £25m in investment. In Clay Cross this means increasing the skills and productivity of our workforce, improving access to a range of high quality jobs and training opportunity and improving the environmental quality of the town and town centre ensuring it is a thriving place to live and work.

The Clay Cross Town Investment Plan is to be focussed around three main areas:

  1. Urban Regeneration – ensuring Clay Cross and town centre is a thriving place for people to live and work;
  2. Skills and Infrastructure – supporting investment and the development of small business, creating opportunities for skills and training;
  3. Connectivity – improving local transport links and improved digital connectivity.

It is vital that the Clay Cross Investment Plan is developed with the input and support and the local community and businesses.

What plans can we build on?

A series of Regeneration Frameworks and Action Plans for Clay Cross have been published in recent years. These have sought to create a sense of place and ensure that the town is ‘more than just a commuter suburb’. As such, the objective of the Frameworks was to ensure that Clay Cross is a successful and competitive market town, which is able to meet needs that arise locally in respect of: housing; social, leisure and cultural facilities; jobs and economic enterprise; education and skills; attractive and healthy spaces.

A lot of development and investment has taken place in the town but there is more to do. The Town Investment Plan will build on earlier work and improve Clay Cross as place to live work and thrive.

The Investment Plan can also build on and link to wider strategies and plans including the North East Derbyshire Local Plan and the D2N2 (Local Enterprise Partnership) industrial Strategy

Further information can be found in the document library where earlier regeneration plans and other evidence base documents can be viewed.

The Town Deal Area

This is the geographic area which will be considered in the development of the Clay Cross Town Fund Investment Plan. The Investment Plan will focus on this area but of course it will also need to consider the influence of links and relationships with the wider region. The area can be found in the document library.

How will the Investment Plan be developed?

To oversee the preparation of the Town Investment Plan a Clay Cross Town Board (CCTB) has been established. The CCTB is supported by North East Derbyshire Council and Derbyshire County Council.

To help prepare the Plan, the Board has appointed an independent consultant team led by Nexus Planning to gather information on local conditions and challenges, potential projects and importantly to ensure we can engage fully with the local community and businesses. 

The Investment Plan will be the next critical stage in the conversation with the government, setting out the Clay Cross Town Fund offer. The development of this will be informed by consultation with local residents, businesses and stakeholders in order to gain your views and thoughts.

As the Investment Plan develops there will be further opportunities for the community to provide its feedback on the draft plan. Please see our Communications strategy Clay Cross Investment Plan (.docx | 50kb) for more information.

How can I have my say?

From Friday 26th June our first phase of consultation will begin. We will be inviting all residents, local businesses and stakeholders to provide their views as to how all of Clay Cross can become an even better place in which to live and work. All views provided will help us to develop and refine the ideas that will underpin the Investment Plan.

The online form is accessible from Friday 26th June to Monday 13th July. Consultation form questionaire.

A subsequent second phase of consultation will follow in the middle of July. This focus of this consultation will be on the content of the final draft Investment Plan, and will seek the views of the local community on this.


The Government launched the MyTown campaign to encourage and facilitate a process through which local communities could provide their perspectives at all stage of the Towns Fund process. This provides another means through which residents and businesses can continuously feed their ideas and thoughts into this process.

MyTown can be accessed online.

The CCTB currently plan to submit the Investment Plan to government for approval in October 2020. have produced a work programme to inform the development of the Investment Plan. This indicates a number of opportunities for the community to provide their input into the process and the production of the Plan. This will be carried out through press releases, public exhibition boards, written communications and social media campaigns. The proposed outline dates for the future stages of the production of the Plan are outlined below:

Phase Date
Consultation on Issues and Options June/July 2020
Review of consultation and agreeing key priorities July 2020
Consultation on the draft Plan July 2020
Feedback on the draft Plan July/August 2020

Details of CCTB meetings can be found on the Clay Cross Town Board web page.